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To all beach locals, the mystery of the Odd Pelican is a familiar tale. High above the salty waters and on any given day, pelicans can be seen flying in their “V” formation. Regardless of the season, these pelicans always flock in an odd number leading to the never-ending question . . . where is the missing Odd Pelican? After a lifelong research endeavor here in Walton County, we have decided that our local Odd Pelicans are sitting back to enjoy a nice, cold beer. Some Odd Pelicans venture to the bay and some to the gulf, but regardless they are enjoying the good life. The Odd Pelican stands out from the rest and is always on the lookout for a good time. We have decided to take a page out of the Odd Pelican’s book and live the good life. For us, this means opening up a local brewery that provides high-quality, well-balanced, and flavorful beer for our fun-loving crowd. We hope you will sit back, relax, and enjoy the taste of the good life with us.

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With the gift of a perfect palette, Hunter has spent the past 15 years "flying" around the country (and some other parts of the world) stopping in as many watering holes as he can find. He put his love for the social scene into a business and became private chef. Although cooking delicious food is natural for Hunter, he sensed the Odd Pelican in himself  as he realized his curiosity and passion actually lie in beer! While his travels have opened his eyes to the world, he likes to keep his feet in the sand with a beer in hand here at home in Walton County.

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As a math and science focused graduate with a degree in Business Administration from The University of Florida, Anne Margaret is gifted in both the world of business operations and the mysteries of science.  Her studies and interests make her an Odd Pelican for sure.  The brewery is an exciting turn for Marg as it will allow her to put her chemistry to the test….a little bit more unconventionally than most.  She also has a strong passion for community service and couldn’t be more excited to be a part of a brewery so dedicated to giving back to the local community…...and keeping the town hydrated. 

BriAn,  Assistant Brewer/ Taproom Manager

With a lifelong passion for all things beer, Brian was excited to team up with Hunter as the assistant brewer for OPBC. He brings his enthusiasm for flavor pairings and fun-loving personality to join Hunter in creating deliciously unique beers for all of the local Odd Pelicans to sit back and enjoy.

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